Sports, Board and Video Games

This fall we will be starting for the first time at CSUEB two video game leagues put on by us, at ASI Recreation.  World Cup Soccer and Madden 2011 will be the game of choice.  Bring your thumb game and be prepared to play others as your favorite team or the team you wish won it all.



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Sports, Board and outdoor Description
Madden NFL 2011
World Cup Soccer 2010
3 vs 3 Basketball
Texas Hold'em up
6 vs 6 Flag Football
NCAA Football
Ultimate Frisbee

Capture the Flag
We at ASI Recreation will be putting on a capture the flag tournament across CSUEB’s campus.  Find friends or someone who you have no idea who they are and come play on either red or yellow’s team and be prepared to defend your fag, rescue teammates for being captured, and stop opponents from stealing your flag.

3 versus 3 Half Court Basketball
Come hoop it up with us at ASI recreation in a small half court basketball tourney.  Grab three more of your friends and join us at the dorm courts for some basketball.  This tournament is a coed tournament.  Bring yourself and your team, or come by yourself and we will find you a team, we will not provide shoes though.

6 versus 6 Flag Football
Come join us, ASI Recreation, at Meiklejohn fields in front of the UU for some 6 vs. 6 flag football.  We will be playing the same rules as the fitness flag football class and this tournament is a coed tournament.  Bring running shoes, comfortable clothing, and be ready for some pigskin fun.

Ultimate Frisbee
Do you enjoy sports and would like to try something new?  Come out and join us on the Meiklejohn field in front of the UU for an Ultimate Frisbee tournament of 7 versus 7. 

The fresh outdoors, a compass, a map of the surrounding area, these are some of the supplies you will need to orienteer yourself with the surroundings.  You will have from ten in the morning till 4 in the afternoon to find all the spots located on the map, similar to a scavenger hunt.  If you don’t know what orienteering is or how to do it, we will show you.

Are you a thinker?  A strategist? How about none of this?  Well whoever you are come join us and play a couple rounds of classic chess in a heads up tournament.  We provide the tables, timers, and boards, just bring you and enjoy some food and fun chess play.
We at ASI Recreation bring one of the most popular games on the globe.  Fast paced, up and down, unlucky at times, but the thrill and adrenaline is what you’re here for.  Come join us and play some No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em, and well provide the food and drinks

Stop hanging around the pool house downtown Hayward and hustling people for their book money and come to the Game Room and play.  We will play 8 ball heads up and team tournaments this fall quarter.  Come join us, ASI Recreation, and other students for food, drinks, and some pool.

Domination Dominoes
Come play a heads up dominoes tournament of fives.  Very competitive and tons of fun.  Bring your roommate, come alone and try to place in the top three.  We will be playing in the Old Union

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