How To Register

To Register as a Team:

  1. Complete and print sign-up form or visit the ASI Office, Original University Union Rm. 314 to pick up the intramural registration packet.
  2. Turn in the completed registration packet at the ASI office before the due date.
  3. Team fees must be paid before the due date.
  4. Liability release forms must be completed, signed, and turned in by each team member before they are eligible to participate.

To Register as a Free Agent:

            Participants who do not have a team, also known as free agents, are invited to sign up on the free agents list and attend the appropriate captain’s meeting for their sport. Free agents that are in attendance at the time of captain’s meeting will be drafted on to a team and will pay the registration fee before competition.


RAW Center



Indoor Soccer League


NOTE: Soccer League team sign-ups have ended for the Fall 2010 quarter


Policies & Procedures

Player Eligibility
All players must present their valid CSUEB Bay Card when checking in with the Intramural Scores table before each contest in order to participate. No exceptions. Captains are responsible for ensuring their players’ eligibility. PLAYERS CANNOT PLAY ON MORE THAN ONE TEAM in a league. All games in which ineligible players participate shall be forfeited.

Team Captain’s Responsibilities
The captain is responsible for informing his/her team of these Intramural Rules and Regulations, specific event rules, and the times and locations they will play their games. Prior to game time, the captain is responsible for ensuring their entire team is checked in with the Intramural Supervisor. All players should check in with their valid CSUEB ID card at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled contest to ensure games starting and finishing on time. The captain will be the only player on a team who discusses the game situations with game officials. Captains are responsible for getting event schedules from the Intramural Sports Office before an event’s scheduled start date, and informing all team members of the schedules. Other captain’s duties and responsibilities are detailed in the sections that follow.

Captains’ Meetings
For all league sports, one captain (or another team representative) must attend that sport’s Mandatory Captains’ Meeting. Captains’ Meetings are posted outside of the Intramural Sports Office and printed on the sign up cover page. THESE MEETINGS ARE MANDATORY. Any player that has signed up as a free agent also needs to attend these meetings. Captains’ meetings are brief, important, informational sessions involving discussion of rules and rule changes, eligibility, schedules, and a question/answer period.

NO JEWELRY IS ALLOWED with exception of medical alert jewelry, which must be taped down. This includes, but is not limited to earrings, wedding rings or bands, other rings, mouth facial, and body piercings, necklaces, bracelets, rubber bands, Armstrong (and similar) bracelets, and metal barrettes. TAPING OF JEWELRY TO THE BODY IS NOT PERMITED. Proper footwear and attire is required and shirts must always be worn – including under AS Intramural Sports – provided jerseys. Metal cleats or spikes are prohibited.

Team Sportsmanship Ratings
In order to foster a healthy recreational atmosphere, all Intramural participants and spectators are expected to conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times. Captains are responsible for their team’s sportsmanship, and teams are responsible for their spectators’ behavior. Following each game, officials and Supervisors fill out team sportsmanship ratings. Below is the guide for sportsmanship ratings and points:


Outstanding sportsmanship and attitude of complete cooperation


No incidents of poor sportsmanship


Unsportsmanlike conduct – only minor infraction
One technical foul, yellow card, or unsportsmanlike penalty is issued, but that is the only problem during the contest


Consistently questioning officials’ calls
Use of profane language directed toward officials or other team
Two or more technical fouls, yellow cards, or unsportsmanlike penalties issued
Player ejection – ejected player was the lone problem on team
Spectator harassment of officials


More than one player ejected from team
Other players exhibit poor sportsmanship after ejections


Player threatens an official or Supervisor
Contest is terminated due to officials’ or Supervisor’s decision

Failure to maintain a seasonal average of 3.0 will disqualify teams from playoff eligibility. If a team receives a sportsmanship rating of 0 or 1, the captain(s) must meet with the Intramural Sports Manager in order to remain in the league no less than one full day, during the Intramural Sports Office hours, prior to their nest scheduled contest. Team captains are responsible for monitoring their team’s sportsmanship ratings and average.

  • Team winning by forfeit without playing will automatically receive a rating of 5.
  • Team winning by forfeit after playing some or all of a contest will receive their given rating issued for that contest.
  • Teams losing by forfeit will receive a rating of 0, regardless of playing a partial game, full game, or not at all.
  • Teams winning by default will automatically receive a rating of 5.
  • Team losing by default will receive a rating of 3.

Roster Changes
Each team shall complete a team roster of eligible participants. See individual event rules for roster size limits.

  • Additions to rosters can be made throughout the regular seasons for league sports by the captain inviting the player(s) to be added or the player presenting their CSUEB ID on-site before any regular season contest. No players may be added to the roster after the last scheduled regular season contest of a league event is completed.
  • Drops from rosters may be requested by a captain contacting the Intramural Sports Supervisor and requesting the player(s) be dropped or doing so in person in the Intramural Sports Office. It is the captain’s responsibility to confirm that this has been completed before adding any players that would be beyond the roster limit size for a sport. A player must be dropped from his/her original team BEFORE being added to another. It is each captain’s responsibility to verify that all team members are eligible.

Intramurals official, Supervisors, and Staff reserve the right to eject any individual, team, or spectator who involves themselves in a physical altercation, or who consistently exhibits unsporting behavior. Any ejected player (or spectator) must leave the facility immediately, and will be suspended a minimum of one contest in that event. Repeat offenders of this rule are subject to suspension from the Intramural Sports Program altogether for a period of time determined appropriate by the Intramural Sports Manager.

Scheduled game time is start time. The Intramural Supervisor determine the official time during all events. Team must be checked in and ready to play – meaning on the court/field, with the proper equipment and uniforms, with at least the minimum player requirement to start. If one team is not ready to play by 10 minutes after the scheduled game time, the team that is ready wins by forfeit. The offending team may not call time-outs until they have checked in a legal minimum lineup.

Any team that forfeits one of its scheduled games in league play or in a double-elimination tournament will automatically be dropped from the remainder of the schedule. Teams wishing to remain in a league event must apply for a reinstatement into competition by paying a $25 Forfeit Fee in person at the Intramural Sports Office no less than 48 hours before their next scheduled contest. Team that forfeit a contest during a tournament event are automatically dropped from the even without possibility of reinstatement.

Any team that forfeits twice during a season will be permanently dropped from the league without possibility of reinstatement. Teams that postpone games or agree to forfeiture without properly notifying the Intramural Sports Manager in the Intramural Sports Office will receive a forfeit. If a team wins by forfeit during the regular season, that team will get credit for winning by the following scores in each sport:

Basketball = 20 - 0

Flag Football = 30 - 0

Soccer = 5 - 0

Teams may avoid a forfeit by filling out and submitting a Default Form to the Intramural Sports Manager at the Intramural Sports Office by 2:00 pm the day of the contest. A default will allow the team to remain in the league and does not require payment of the forfeit fee. If a team wins by default during the regular season, that team will get credit for winning by the same scores awarded for winning by forfeit (see above).  

Fighting and Altercations
The Intramural Sports Program prohibits fighting during all Intramural events. Any participant or spectator who strikes or attempts to strike, an official, Supervisor, participant, spectator or joins a fight in progress will be subject to suspension from the IM Sports Program for up to the remainder of the quarter, or a time determined appropriate by the Intramural Sports Manager. This person may also be subject to disciplinary actions as stated in the Cal State University East bay Student Code of Conduct, and referred to the Office of Judicial Affairs. Furthermore, charges may be brought against participants who physically assault officials or staff.

Participation in Intramural Sports activities is completely voluntary. These activities involve risks of physical injury greater than those encountered in daily life, and by taking part in sports and other activities participants acknowledge and assume risks inherent therein. The Intramural Sports Program does not carry accident or injury insurance to cover participants in sports activities. Therefore, all students are strongly urged to purchase insurance before participating in any activity. The A.S. Business Office has an insurance policy that can be purchased by students. 

Playoff Qualification
Please see individual sports rules regarding playoff qualifications. In order to determine playoff qualification, the following criteria will be used, in order:

  • Sportsmanship rating average (minimum 3.0 required).
  • Win/loss record. Unless otherwise specified in a sport’s rules, teams must win at least one regular season contest to qualify for playoffs.
    • Any contest that is defaulted by a team will count worse than a loss for that defaulting team’s record.
    • Any contest that is forfeited by a team will count worse than a default for that forfeiting team’s record.
  • In the event of a record tie, the following criteria will be used, in order:
    • Head-to-head record.
    • Point differential.
    • Points allowed.

Any team that forfeits a contest is automatically eliminated from playoff eligibility, regardless of paying the forfeit fee or not.

Winners of Intramural events will receive Intramural Championship t-shirts. Only players that have checked in for a game will be awarded a t-shirt. Players must be present to receive their own shirt. League champions in flag football and basketball may have the opportunity to participate in extramural tournaments at other schools. Please contact the Intramural Sports Manager at or (510) 885-2683 for more information.

Postponements & Cancellations
During inclement weather, it may be necessary for the Intramural Staff to postpone or cancel contests. DO NOT ASSUME GAMES WILL BE CANCELLED. It is the captain’s responsibility to call the Intramural Sports Manager no more than 2 hours prior to the contest in question for up to date information regarding whether or not games have been called off. If regular season games are cancelled, the result of the contest will be a 0-0 tie, and both teams will receive a sportsmanship rating of 5 for that contest.

Alcohol Policy

All Intramural event areas are alcohol and drug free. Captains are urged to notify all players and spectators that alcohol and drugs are strictly prohibited at all IM Sports events, and no one is allowed to participate while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. If alcohol is present, the contest will not be played and will be considered a forfeit. This policy includes spectators. The Intramural Staff, Supervisors, and officials have the authority to restrict participants and spectators from remaining at Intramural events who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
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