Intramural Sports

The Intramural Sports program is designed to offer a wide range of recreational sports and activities to the Cal State East Bay community. IM Sports encourages students and members to stay active regardless of skill level. IM Sports provides a perfect setting to build relationships, hone skills, and enjoy fun, friendly competition. Intramural Sports offers a variety of activities for our extremely diverse campus. Some intramural sports include basketball, volleyball, flag football, soccer, badminton, dodgeball and much more! Intramural sports registration typically begins at the beginning of each quarter and last until finals week.

Important Dates
How to Register

1. For TEAM SPORTS LEAGUES, Team Captains will need to go to the RAW Center to complete all team registration paperwork, before the reg. deadline. Registration forms can be picked up and returned to the Equipment Rental Desk inside the RAW Center.
For INDIVIDUAL SPORTS LEAGUES, players must go to the RAW Center to complete all registration paperwork, before the registration deadline.
2. For TEAM SPORTS LEAGUES, once captains have completed and submitted team paperwork, each player on the team needs to sign a waiver and pay the team fee at the RAW Center. Registration fees must be paid prior to participation in any league games.
For INDIVIDUAL SPORTS LEAGUES, once registration paper work has been completed, all participants must sign a waiver and pay the league fee at the RAW Center Equipment Rental desk. Registration fees must be paid prior to participation in any league.
3. For both TEAM SPORTS LEAGUES & INDIVIDUAL SPORTS LEAGUES, there will be a MANDATORY Captains’ Meeting the day after the registration deadline. All free agents and all captains/team representatives must attend. The meeting will cover the sport rules and other topics regarding the leagues. Failure to attend this meeting will result in your team being dropped from the league.
4. Now you are all set to check in and participate in your ASI Recreation Intramural Sports League.

Participants who do not have a team, also known as free agents, are invited to sign up on the free agents list and attend the appropriate captain’s meeting for their sport. Free agents that are in attendance at the time of captain’s meeting will be drafted on to a team and will pay the registration fee before competition.