Fitness Classes
Group fitness classes provide the support needed to adhere to an exercise program. Group fitness at the RAW center emphasize the importance of healthy lifestyles by providing group fitness classes and workshops for the CSU East Bay community. A variety of classes are offered to suit every fitness level and area of interest, such as yoga, pilates, cardio kickboxing, body sculpting/toning, and cycling classes. Overall, group fitness classes are designed to offer participants a safe, welcoming atmosphere in which they can enjoy fitness and health with the support of the RAW staff.

1. No food or drink allowed in fitness studios, aside from water bottles.
2. Participants are not permitted to operate stereo equipment.
3. Participants must secure all personal belongings in a locker or cubby.
4. Please inform instructor of any special considerations (i.e. pregnancy, injury, or recent surgery), which may influence your ability to participate.
5. All participants must sign up for fitness classes at the Equipment Rental Desk on the 1st floor of the RAW.
6. Sign ups begin 2 hours prior to the class start time. Sign ups are first come first serve.
8.Each first-time participant will have to sign a waiver. This waiver will cover participation in Fitness Classes ONLY for the remainder of the quarter.
9.All participants must sign up at Equipment Rental Desk EACH TIME they want to participate in a fitness class.


Where are the Fitness Classes located?
Fitness classes will take place in the fitness studios on the 2nd floor of the RAW Center.

How do I sign up for a Fitness Class?
Signing up for a fitness class can only be done at the Equipment Rental Office on the 1st floor of the RAW, directly below the fitness studios. All participants must bring their Bay Card to sign up.

When are the classes?
Fitness Classes are offered all quarter long. The first week and final week are FREE WEEKS. The Fitness Class schedule changes every quarter so please refer to the Fitness Class main page for this quarter’s current class schedule.

What should I wear to a Fitness Class?
Any clothing that allows for easy movement and full range of motion is appropriate for fitness classes. Athletic shoes should be worn for cardio and strength-training classes while dance and yoga classes do not require shoes. Bringing a water bottle and a towel with you to class is also highly recommended.

Is it ok to go to a class late?
No. Since the warm-up is so important to prepare your body for the workout, late drop-ins are not permitted.