Video Game League

This fall we will be starting for the first time at CSUEB two video game leagues put on by us, at ASI Recreation.  World Cup Soccer and Madden 2011 will be the game of choice.  Bring your thumb game and be prepared to play others as your favorite team or the team you wish won it all.



RAW Center




Video Game League description

Do you enjoy Capture the Flag?  If so, come join us in a tournament at the Game Zone playing 4 versus 4 on HALO:Reach. for the Xbox 360.  Come with a team or by yourself and we will find a team for you.

NCAA Football 2011
It’s that season of cheerleaders, crazy blue fields, and big upsets, well virtually.  Come join us at the Game Zone to play NCAA Football and play with your favorite collegiate team.  Whether it you pick North Texas, Boise State, Miami, Cal, or any other school everyone has a chance to win.

Madden NFL 2011
Pick your favorite Madden team and play against others for the Fall 2010 season. Games will be scheduled according to your availability Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights from 5-9 p.m. Regular season runs from November 1st – November 26th.  Playoffs will be held the week of  November 29th- December 3rd.

World Cup Soccer 2010
If you missed out on the actual World Cup or wish it didn’t end, you’re in luck. Come join us in the game room of the original UU to play in a fall quarter long World Cup League.  Pick your nation and randomly be placed into a grouping.  Throughout the quarter we will do seeding, group play, and then elimination rounds.  Maybe as the United States you pull off the upset wins or as England you do what is expected.  Expect the unexpected and have lots of fun from November 1st-December 3rd.  Sign up soon!


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