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What the rest of winter quarter has in store!

posted by ASI on February 28th, 2013

Hey Students!

The Winter Quarter is starting to come to an end, but there is still plenty of events going on! Here is an overview of what’s coming up before we kick off Spring Break.  Make sure to come check out some of these events.  Follow us on Facebook to learn more about these events :)

March 5th

Stimulate Your Mind – Classism and Education. 4PM in the Diversity Center.  Come join fellow students in this powerful discussion.

Miss Representation – 7PM in the Old Union.  Watch an empowering documentary and discuss how women are portrayed in the media.

Silent Library – 7PM in Lassen Hall.  Just like the MTV show! Create teams and try to complete these hilarious tasks without laughing or making a sound.  Are you up for the challenge?

March 6th

Live @ Noon – Come to Agora Stage in the University Union at noon to watch some live local bands perform!

March 7th

Baile (Banda/Dance) – 7PM in Lassen Hall.  Come join other students and learn new cultures and dance the night away!

Beyond The Chalk – 4PM in the Diversity Center

March 8th

Laugh Your @$$ Off Comedy Show – featuring Arvin Mitchell – 7PM in the New Union Multipurpose Room.  Come take a break from homework and studying to enjoy a night full of relaxation, fun, and surprises!

March 12th

Coffee House – 6PM in the Old Union.

March 13th

Between The Lines – Guest speaker Diane Nash – 6PM in the New Union Multipurpose Room

March 14th

Free Thought Thursday – 7PM in the New Union Multipurpose Room

Don’t miss out on all these fun events! Remember to follow us on Facebook for more information and updates!

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