Legislative Affairs Committee

We at ASI, your student Government strive for the best for all our constituents on campus. In order to ensure that we represent all your interests to the best of our abilities all necessary decisions are compartmentalized to 9 standing committees of ASI. These committees meet regularly to discuss and vote on matters important to our students.

Purpose and Duties

The ASI Legislative Affairs Committee is responsible for planning, overseeing and carrying out business related to interpreting, monitoring and evaluating state and federal legislation that affects higher education, the CSU and CSUEB. The purpose and duties of the ASI Legislative Affairs Committee shall be to:

  • Inform the CSUEB community concerning legislation, issues and policies affecting higher education through tabling, class reps, workshops, open forums, fliers, newsletters, and articles in the campus newspaper.
  • Disseminate information from the CSSA and recommend ASI involvement in statewide issues.
  • Work with the CSSA and Alameda County Registrar of Voters to coordinate on campus voter registration drives and polling booths for national, state, local and special elections.
  • Develop a Lobby Corps Department within the committee and maintain a membership of seven (7).
  • Meet with the University Director of Governmental Relations at least once a month.
  • Coordinate rallies/protests as appropriate on issues and concerns affecting students.
  • Work with ASI Presents to implement political awareness events.