Internal Affairs Committee

We at ASI, your student Government strive for the best for all our constituents on campus. In order to ensure that we represent all your interests to the best of our abilities all necessary decisions are compartmentalized to 9 standing committees of ASI. These committees meet regularly to discuss and vote on matters important to our students.

Purpose and Duties

The Internal Affairs Committee is responsible for overseeing and disseminating information of all student activities presented and sponsored by the corporation. The purpose and duties of the ASI Internal Committee shall be to:

  • Disseminate information to the Board on all activities, actions and student services.
  • Organize all ASI Ad-hoc Committees established by the Board of Directors.
  • Recommend and advise ASI Presents on programming with the broadest reasonable representation of the students’ needs and interest.
  • Provide support to clubs and organizations taking into account Student Life, Athletics, and the University Calendar.
  • Conduct research to expand current services and opportunities offered by ASI.
  • Approve a calendar of events and activities with the ASI Programs Coordinator.