Environmental Affairs committee

We at ASI, your student Government strive for the best for all our constituents on campus. In order to ensure that we represent all your interests to the best of our abilities all necessary decisions are compartmentalized to 9 standing committees of ASI. These committees meet regularly to discuss and vote on matters important to our students.

Purpose and Duties

The ASI Environmental Affairs Committee is responsible for working with the University to inspect all existing campus buildings with representatives from the Facilities Office and determining their environmental impact. The purpose and duties of the ASI Environmental Affairs Committee shall be to:

  • Work with the Facilities Department to investigate energy usage and distribution on CSUEB campus.
  • Research existing conservation programs and propose possible programs that can be initiated.
  • Research alternative solutions and possible incentives that can be benefited.
  • Research and coordinate the implementation of potential low impact options to increase energy efficiency on campus.
Goal: Promote a sustainability culture among the students of CSU East Bay and to flourish ASI stewardship in Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle initiatives.
Objectives: Ensure active participation in ASI sponsored environmental and sustainability initiatives and to form and lead the Environmental affairs committee.

1. Assure that all ASI facilities adhere to established recycling and waste management standards.
Step 1: Initiate contact with ED Saffold to form a “status-quo” picture of how ASI facilities manage “to be recycled” waste.
Step 2: Recommend solutions to ED Saffold or to the ASI Board of Directors.
Step 3: Implement solutions with the most efficient means.

2. Resume “We Hella Recycle” campaign to assure awareness of recycling containers and expand it into reusable means.
Step 1: Produce a Mission Statement.
Step 2: Solicit the help of ASI Marketting via ED Saffold.

3. Produce a recycling cheat-sheet titled “Hella Smart Recycling” informing students what materials are to be placed in what bins.
Step 1: Come up with a rough draft schematic.
Step 2: Attempt to secure funds from the ASI President and ASI VP of Finance for an electronic campaign and limited posters.
Step 3: Solicit help from ASI Marketing via ED Saffold.

4. Attempt to reduce the carbon footprint of East Bay Students by promoting public transit.
Step 1: Assess status quo of Public Transit.
Step 2: Recommend needed changes to the ASI Board of Directors and to the University Foundation.
Step 3: Initiate a marketing campaign

5. Initiate an ASI sponsored Carpool Incentive Program
Step 1: Research current state sponsored carpool programs.
Step 2: Propose Carpool Incentive Program to ASI Board of Directors.
Step 3: Initiate marketing campaign.

6. Initiate recruitment for Environmental Affairs Committee
Step 1: Work with Executive Vice President, Christopher Caldwell to recruit for Internal Committees during Summer Quarter
Step 2: Personally vet candidates
Step 3: Achieve confirmation by the ASI Board during Summer Quarter.

7. A Resolution on Environmental Sustainability of the CSU East Bay Student Body
Step 1: Format rough draft of resolution
Step 2: Gather Feedback from ASI Board of Directors
Step 3: Present to External Affairs Committee
Step 4: Take action at the committee and board level