ASI diversity center
The Diversity Center for CSUEB was a staff lead initiative which was bought to reality with the help of a Diversity Center Advisory Committee. This program is the gateway for cultural and social understanding on campus and houses around 4 programming assistants that host a variety of programs ranging from debates, speeches, concerts, and social gatherings.

The Diversity Center’s goal is to provide a safe, learning environment that fosters personal development and growth for all CSU East Bay Students.  We offer guidance, knowledge acquisition, classroom project support, and leadership involvement that focus on creating mature, socially conscious aware and responsible individuals who advocate and dialogue for equity and social justice.  We also strive to build positive relationships with communities that honor, appreciate and celebrate diversity.

ASI diversity center Calender
Diversity Center Believes...
Everyone can live in our world no matter what limitations others put on them.
One should embrace who he/she is and not let anyone change how one feels about themselves.
Our history shows who we are and we should embrace and cherish it.
People have the right to believe in anything or anyone they want.
Sexual Orientation
Love for another person is not limited by physical characteristics.
Social Justice
As people we all have the same rights as others.
What does the Diversity Center Provide?
Provides conscious awareness programs for the student body
A safe place for those who feel oppressed and marganized both on campus and elsewhere
Co-Sponsorship of programs which pertain to issues of diversity and social justice
Use of the Diversity Center for meetings or events
A place to make connections with communitygroups and its members
Programming and event planning advising, in conjuction with Student Life
Lounge/study area with Wi-Fi for students during operational hours
Resources: books, pamphlets and DVDs.

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